Product Overview - Monitoring software

SensDesk Portal for web browser and SensDesk Mobile App for iOS and Android

Free portal to monitor all sensors wherever you are

SensDesk Portal Monitors all your sensor in one portal

Free online portal to monitor LAN and GSM sensors from HW group.

Main software features:
• Web portal
Sensors overview in mobile phones and tablets for Android and iOS
• Email and SMS alert by every single sensor
IP sensors can be installed anywhere
• On screen for all your IP sensors is free of charge Flyer [1'358 KB] Screenshots [1'173 KB]

HWg-PDMS: Monitoring software with Graphs & MS Excel reporting

Requests and orders: Send E-Mail to

HWg-PDMS Captures values of inputs and probes from devices connected over GSM or LAN

Windows application for collecting data from sensors and inputs over GSM (HWg-Ares) and LAN (Poseidon, Damocles, HWg-STE, HWg-PWR). Export of data in the background. Simple data processing and analysis in MS Excel.

HWg-PDMS (Poseidon & Damocles Monitoring System) captures values of inputs and probes from devices connected over GSM or LAN. Data in the internal database can be periodically exported to MS Excel reports (protocols).

Collects data from all IP sensors by HW group
Periodic data export to MS Excel
Sensor data can be collected by email (e.g. from GSM/GPRS devices)

HWg-PDMS Trial: Free registered version, max 3 sensors
HWg-PDMS 8: Commercial version, max 8 sensors
HWg-PDMS 20: Commercial version, max 20 sensors
HWg-PDMS unlimited: Max 300 devices and 500 sensors (if you need more, contact us)

Typical HWg-PDMS usage scenarios:
IT department: HWg-PDMS software monitors energy consumption, temperature, supply of power, and access to cabinets with IT infrastructure.
Overview of services for outsourcing: Keeping records of quality of the provided services. The generated MS Excel summaries can be attached to invoices for quality assurance purposes. Useful when a company delivers uncomfortable cold instead of air conditioning + maintenance.
Audit: End user that needs data logging (operations / storage audit). For instance, storages of pharmaceuticals or food.
Operations logs: History records that can be manually exported to MS Excel if needed.

HWg-PD Trigger: Event manager

Request and orders: Send E-Mail to

HWg-PD Trigger Event manager

Application software for processing alarm events (SNMP trap). Can be used to process events in many ways such as by sending a SMS, shutting down the PC, or switching a remote relay over LAN.

The PD Trigger runs in the background and waits for events. If an event matches a condition, a defined action is performed.
For example, an alert to high temperature in Room 1 is forwarded by e-mail to Peter. High temperature in Room 2 triggers notifications by SMS to Peter and Thomas.

Conditions and actions can be controlled in a way similar to rules for filtering mail in email clients. A condition, such as an alarm at a sensor with a specified name, can be tied with an action, such as displaying a pop-up window, playing a sound, sending a SMS or activating a remote output.

1) Actions available on the PC: Pop-up window, play a sound, start an application, start a service
2) Actions available over the network: Activate/deactivate a remote relay contact
3) Actions available with a GSM modem: Send a SMS with the alert text

Main software features:
Operating system: Windows (NT service)
Trial version: Yes, max 3 conditions, must be registered after 3 months
Data input: SNMP Trap, PING
Compatible devices: Poseidon xxxx, Damocles xxxx
Data processing: Condition > Action (SMS, PopUp, Shutdown PC)

Typical users:
IT department: Software for forwarding events and alarms
Audit: Logging and checking the functionality of all security systems
Outsourcing: Early warning system that alerts the correct person in time

One condition can monitor SNMP Traps from an unlimited number of devices
HWg-PD Trigger Trial: Free version, max 3 conditions
HWg-PD Trigger 25R: Commercial version, max 25 conditions

HWg-CapTemp: Windows SCADA

Requests and orders: Send E-Mail to

HWg-CapTemp: Overview of all temperature sensors

Application software for monitoring sensors in food processing or industrial applications. Displays and processes e.g. temperatures, voltages, opening of a door, humidity, fuel level in a tank.

The CapTemp displays a brief overview of temperatures, states of coolers and energy consumption in a supermarket, or an overview of the production process in a freezing plant or a pharmacy storage.

Values from all sensors can be displayed as graphs or tables, on a map background, or in a Web interface. CapTemp is easy to install and use

CapTemp F1: 20 sensors, no GSM support
CapTemp GF1: 20 sensors, supports SMS over GSM modem
CapTemp GF2: 50 sensors, supports SMS over GSM modem

Main software features:
Operating system: Windows
Functions: Data logging, display and analysis
Trial version: 30 days, afterwards limited to 2 devices
Compatible devices: Poseidon, Damocles, HWg-STE, PortBox
Data processing: Condition > Action (SMS, PopUp, Shutdown PC)
Visualization: Displaying sensors and probes in a map
Interaction: Outputs can be controlled in the map view
Remote display of values: LCD display (connected over IP)
SMS: Events can be sent as SMS (GSM modem connected to the PC)

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor monitors your temperature sensors

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor Freeware download available

The HW group sensors and devices are supported by the Paessler PRTG Network Monitor. The sensors and devices communicate by using the SNMP protocol. All enhanced features of the PRTG Network Monitor can be used to monitor the sensors, logs its data, and perform actions in case of alarms. PRTG Network Monitor is available as App for Android and iOS too. There is a freeware download of the PRTG Network Monitor which allows to monitor max. 10 sensors.

Have a look to the screenshots here [572 KB]

Poseidon 2250 snmp monitoring and logger, SNMP voltage & current logger, temperature sensor IP data logger, pt100 temperature sensor over rs-485, 4-20mA and pt-1000 probes, modbus/tcp voltage input, snmp light sensor, rs485 temperature and humidity sensors, SNMP monitoring, snmp trap alert, email alert, web sms alert, remote sensors monitoring, web sensors, excel export