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The IoT environment monitoring sensors of HW group located in Prague enables the safe operating of your infrastructure. IoT sensors can be placed very easy on the measuring points, provide exact measurement, and send alarms by SNMP traps, emails or SMS. For example the temperature of IT infrastructures and freezers or water leakage can be monitored. The IoT sensors will be connected to the LAN and support DHCP. With the web interface, the sensors can be configured remotely. All sensors can be managed centrally by using the PDMS software.

Temperature monitoring over web, SNMP, and email

Temperature monitoring over web, SNMP, and email

Temperature monitoring in coolers and fridges

Temperature monitoring for freezers

Rack monitoring with Poseidon 4002

IT rack monitoring with Poseidon 4002
Waterleak detector

Electricity consumption metering

Electricity consumption metering

Box-2-Box: Relay control over LAN

Box-2-Box relay control over LAN

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PDMS (Poseidon & Damocles Monitoring System)
HWg-STE Temperature Sensor Presentation
More HW group products
HWg Ares: GSM Thermometer with email and SMS
Poseidon: Remote monitoring over IP and SMS for data centers
Damocles: Provides binary inputs and relay outputs over IP network
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HWg Ares12: GSM Thermometer with email and SMS

Sends measurement data over GSM and SMS

HWg Ares GSM Thermometer

Collects and records data from connected sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity, voltage) and sends them over GSM by email (GPRS) or SMS. When values are outside of a specified range, an alarm message will be sent to different recipients. The measuret data can be imported into the PDMS software, SensDesk, or Nagios. The internal rechargeable battery provides power for about 3 to 8 hours and has a life time of 5 to 12 years.
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Poseidon: Remote monitoring

Monitoring, controlling, and alerting

Poseidon family

The Poseidon devices are made for monitoring the temperature, humidity, power, light and lots more of data centers and other sites.
Alarms will be sent by email, SNMP, SMS, or relays.
Up to 39 sensors can be connected to the Poseidon 2250 and centrally managed by the PDMS software.
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Damocles: Ethernet I/O

I/O control over IP network

Damocles family

The Damocles devices provides digital inputs and digital outputs which can be remotely controlled. Any devices can be switched on or off and be controlled (e.g. router reset, fans, locking systems, video cameras, light systems, and lots more).
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Light sensor for Ares and Poseidon

Light Sensor 1W-UNI 3m

Light sensor Better control and simple day / night control

Simple light sensor for indoor use. The light sensor can be connected to the Ares and Poseidon devices. Typically use cases are the distinguishing day from night and detecting if the lights are switched on or off. With Poseidon and a lamp connected to the PowerEgg, a simple light control can be realized. As soon as the illumination decreases, Poseidon will switch on the PowerEgg where a 230 V lamp is connected. The light sensor costs CHF 140.- (excl. VAT).
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