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HW group Master Distributor

We are offering a broad range of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to monitor temperature, humidity, digital inputs, voltage, water leak, and lots more. Our solutions allows you to be alarmed by email, SMS, and SNMP. With the I/O controller solutions we provide M2M communication and control.

HW group Systems Presentation
HW group Monitoring Brochure (english)
HW group Monitoring Brochure (français)

New available: HWg-STE2-Kit

Temperature Sensor with WiFi / WLAN interface

HWg-STE2 WiFi-Thermometer max. 3 sensors (Temp, Humid) and 2 Digital Inputs

Return on invest in a short time:

Temperature Sensor with LAN interface

HWg-STE Web-Thermometer for max. 2 sensors (Temp, 2xTemp, Temp+Humid)

Some Swiss References:

ABB Schweiz AG:
Die HWg-WLD Wasserleck-Detektoren gehören nun mit zur Laborausstattung, um grosse Wasserschäden während den Versuchsaufbauten zu verhindern.
Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz:
Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeits-Überwachung aller Netzwerk-Switches mit HWg-STE-PoE-Kits
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG:
Temperature monitoring in data centers
Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe  
Baudirektion Uri:
Temperature and humidity monitoring in the Gotthard- and Seelisbergtunnel with HWg-STE and HTemp-Box2 sensors
Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe:
Umfangreiche Überwachung des Rechenzentrums mit HW group Systemen

Infrastructure monitoring with Poseidon:

HW group, manufacturer of devices monitoring environmental conditions from Czech Republic would like to introduce the Poseidon 4002 unit. It extends features with contact inputs detection and support of network protocols such as HTML, XML, SNMP and Modbus/TCP.

Use the Poseidon 4002 and your administrator will be notified in time of danger in rising temperature or humidity in surroundings of server and other IT device installations - rising temperature can cause server shut down malfunction. A server which was turned off due to high temperature must be reset manually which can cause a long IT drop-out.

The Poseidon 4002 extends options for measuring the environment, for example temperature, humidity, door opening and fan failure can be detected in 19“ racks. PowerEgg can monitor 230V from power system or UPS. To increase security you can add smoke detectors, motion detectors or water leak detectors (evaporated water for air-condition).

Poseidon devices are used in data centres, food and pharmaceutical warehouses, manufacturing and lots more.
Poseidon: Used at data centres, food and pharmaceutical warehouses, manufacturing...

Target segments of our solutions:

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